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Samantha & Ethan

Samantha and Ethan, a couple from the United States, chose to exchange vows at the agriturismo Il Rifugio, run by Chuck and Oki, nestled in the rolling hills near Cortona. On the day of their wedding, the sky was painted with clouds, and occasional showers added an unexpected charm to the atmosphere. Despite the weather’s unpredictability, Samantha and Ethan embraced the magic of the moment. Surrounded by family and friends, they found solace in the tranquil beauty of the Tuscan […]

Anna & Daniel

Anna and Daniel, a German couple, decided to elope to Florence in May 2023, having an intimate and romantic ceremony away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Their wedding day began with a stroll through the streets of Florence’s historic center. Hand in hand, they explored the cobblestone alleyways, soaking in the rich history of the city. Later in the day, they arrived at Villa Medicea di Lilliano, nestled amidst the rolling hills of Tuscany with a breathtaking […]

Jessica & Sergio

This one has been an epic day. Sergio and Jessica were coworkers, well, Sergio was my manager at some point and we’ve known each other for a long time, so I was so glad they chose me to photograph their wedding. But. What a day. Let’s begin saying that they had to move twice the location of their party due to the heavy floods we had the week before their wedding. I started this day going to my old hairdresser […]

Julia & Marcel

Julia and Marcel. It was one of those days. Those days when you wake up and start cursing against the weather forecasts telling it will rain the whole day and nope, you know it’s not possible because the venue is amazing, bride and groom are both young and beautiful and rain has not been invited to the party. But that’s it. It will be raining, you have no power on that, you only have to do your job and play […]

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Alexandra & Christine

Let’s talk about this two amazing human being! Alexandra got in touch with me some months before the wedding and everything went so smoothly that I was lucky enough to witness all the love their families and friends share with them. The Italian tradition says that a couple is not allowed to meet the day before the wedding, but only down the isle. On the other hand, being this a non traditional wedding, Alexa and Chrissi asked to have their […]

Sonia & Luca

This brand new wedding season started very early this year, with an amazing couple, Sonia and Luca. They didn’t want a sweaty wedding, moreover they planned their honeymoon in Japan during the cherry blossom season, so January or February were mandatory. And they went for the last Saturday of February, a cold, humid and also with a rainy end of the day. But everything went so smoothly, even though their wedding days had some peculiarities: they had two weddings in […]

Claire & Tercyus

Claire, Irish, and Tercyus, Brazilian, live in Dublin with their two kids and chose Tuscany to get married. They had a symbolic ceremony at Buccelletti Casali & Cantina, close to Castiglion Fiorentino, with the hand-fasting performed by Costanza of Magical Vows. Costanza chose three ribbons in different colour, one of them with a symbolic meaning to the couple. Everything was set perfectly, but let me tell you, the best was the area created for the kids. Each of them had […]

Lauren & Matt

Lauren and Matt, from the US for their stunning wedding in Villa Cini. My last wedding for this 2022 overwhelming season! It’s been something different to me, normally I deal with the couple when we come to price and terms, but this time I can say my main customer has been Donna, Lauren’s mother. They chose one of the most beautiful venues I’ve been to, Villa Cini, and Claudia, its owner, is an exquisite person. Every detail, from flowers, to […]

Francesca & Riccardo

I will always remember this wedding for the huge amount of rain of that day. Seriously I wanted to cry, moving to plan B, well, plan C, was not an option. But, step back. Francesca and Riccardo live in a small village in Pratomagno, I joined Francesca at home for her preparation, at about lunch time. The sky was so grey and dark, looked like November. Then it began pouring down. It rained cats and dogs and the only thing […]

Lisa & Isa

I was waiting for this wedding since last March, I think! Lisa and Isa are a German couple, they live in Bavaria which, if you have never been there, this is a non requested suggestion for your next holidays: visit the south of Germany! Let’s go back. Lisa wrote me an email and we met at the chosen location, The Lazy Olive, at the beginning of last March. It’s about 45 minutes driving from my home and before you arrive, […]