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Jessica & Sergio

  • Bologna, 20.05.2023

    Jessica & Sergio

This one has been an epic day.

Sergio and Jessica were coworkers, well, Sergio was my manager at some point and we've known each other for a long time, so I was so glad they chose me to photograph their wedding.

But. What a day.

Let's begin saying that they had to move twice the location of their party due to the heavy floods we had the week before their wedding. I started this day going to my old hairdresser and have my hair decently done, but then when it was time to go back and get myself ready for work, my car's battery died. And it was Saturday late morning, so how the hell was I supposed to solve this problem? Buying an emergency starter seemed the option, but obviously it did not work.


We were coworkers. Who's attending? Who can I call to have a help? My cousin, who had a free afternoon and I could borrow her car, while mine was loaded on a tow truck, going to have the battery replaced.

It was hard, but then everything went smootly, even if we had rain and mud everywhere!

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