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Julia & Marcel

  • Villa Il Palagio, 17.05.2023

    Julia & Marcel

Julia and Marcel. It was one of those days.

Those days when you wake up and start cursing against the weather forecasts telling it will rain the whole day and nope, you know it's not possible because the venue is amazing, bride and groom are both young and beautiful and rain has not been invited to the party.

But that's it. It will be raining, you have no power on that, you only have to do your job and play with the situation at your best.

And then... It was raining only few kilometers far from Villa il Palagio, we could see clouds pouring down along Pratomagno, but not where we were! Someone may say that a bright blue sky could have been better, I say no, clouds help us avoiding harsh shadows on your beautiful faces and so it happened for Julia and Marcel, who came from Germany to marry, with the help of Andrea of Andrea Francesca Moments. and the ladies at The Luxury Beauty Salon for the bridal glow up.

It was fun because I studied German at school but now I find it so hard to have a conversation (we'll talk about this with another wedding), but I still understand something and Andrea understands some Italian. At the end of the day, that finished with so beautiful fireworks and the wedding cake, we were both so tired that she was speaking to me in German and I replied in Italian!

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