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Sonia & Luca

  • Castello di Valenzano, 25.02.23

    Sonia & Luca

This brand new wedding season started very early this year, with an amazing couple, Sonia and Luca.

They didn't want a sweaty wedding, moreover they planned their honeymoon in Japan during the cherry blossom season, so January or February were mandatory. And they went for the last Saturday of February, a cold, humid and also with a rainy end of the day. But everything went so smoothly, even though their wedding days had some peculiarities: they had two weddings in a row, they walked together down the aisle and Sonia had a red gown.

But let's get back to them, how we managed the day? Starting with an early morning preparation, a civil ceremony, then everyone moved at Valenzano Castle where we took the couple portraits, they had a symbolic ceremony and then rolling down to party with Omero and friends guiding everyone on the dance floor.

Shoutout to Sara of Calligrafia Arezzo, who has been handwriting all the tableau de mariage, all the placeholders attached to an alcoholic wedding favour, and Fiori di Paola who took care of all the flowers, centerpieces and all the flower arrangements.

Guess what, a bride in red was one of my dreams, not I'm waiting for the in-black one!

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