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Claire & Tercyus

  • Castiglion Fiorentino, 08.10.22

    Claire & Tercyus

Claire, Irish, and Tercyus, Brazilian, live in Dublin with their two kids and chose Tuscany to get married. They had a symbolic ceremony at Buccelletti Casali & Cantina, close to Castiglion Fiorentino, with the hand-fasting performed by Costanza of Magical Vows.

Costanza chose three ribbons in different colour, one of them with a symbolic meaning to the couple. Everything was set perfectly, but let me tell you, the best was the area created for the kids. Each of them had toys and teepee where to nap, with the supervision of a nanny, while all the parents were having dinner first, dancing later. Check both Costanza's and my instagram, for sure you'll see something she recreated for the kids!

That's when you believe the wedding season is coming to its end, but little did you know that a colleague will call you for a New Year's Eve wedding!

And now, ready for the 2023 wedding season that will begin on February 25, with Sonia and Luca's wedding!

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