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Lauren & Matt

  • Bucine, 09.10.22

    Lauren & Matt

Lauren and Matt, from the US for their stunning wedding in Villa Cini.

My last wedding for this 2022 overwhelming season!

It's been something different to me, normally I deal with the couple when we come to price and terms, but this time I can say my main customer has been Donna, Lauren's mother.

They chose one of the most beautiful venues I've been to, Villa Cini, and Claudia, its owner, is an exquisite person. Every detail, from flowers, to table setting, to lights and warming people, was on point, obviously with the supervision of Giulietta, the cat.

Big shoutout for Donna, who's the sweetest mother-of-the-bride I've ever met, with bright blue eyes and a radiant smile, amazing with both of her daughters Lauren and Kristen and everybody around her. Well I can actually say she's more a friend now than a customer :-)

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