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Francesca & Riccardo

  • Loro Ciuffenna, 24.09.22

    Francesca & Riccardo

I will always remember this wedding for the huge amount of rain of that day. Seriously I wanted to cry, moving to plan B, well, plan C, was not an option.

But, step back.

Francesca and Riccardo live in a small village in Pratomagno, I joined Francesca at home for her preparation, at about lunch time. The sky was so grey and dark, looked like November. Then it began pouring down. It rained cats and dogs and the only thing to do was drinking prosecco. Her, not me, I had an important job to do!

Beside that, their wedding was so beautiful, they were both so radiant that nobody cared anymore about the weather.

But I didn't have their private photos after the ceremony, because beside the rain, Riccardo slipped on the wet floor, breaking his trousers that needed to be repaired and we agreed to think about this moment after their honeymoon. Riccardo was a bit sad, sitting at his table at Relais Campiglioni, even if he agreed on that, because there wouldn't have been the same magic.

That's when I play tricks. I wrote to both of them to prepare a letter, some words, a sort of vows renewal, they read under a blue sky, one month after the wedding.

This story to tell you that if rain is expected on your wedding day, we can have plan B and plan C!

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