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Martina & Michele

  • Arezzo, 03.09.22

    Martina & Michele

Martina, without taking away anything from the others, is absolutely the bride with the sweetest smile of 2022.


When we met at my studio she was so shy and worried about the overcome of the shooting, she did not feel so confident with the camera, neither Michele. We agreed for some time together before the wedding for a couple shooting I gifted them, this way they could get to know me as person, and gain in comfort. We took a bunch of photos and scouted some of the places you can see in the after ceremony photos.

It was a lucky day, when I reached Martina while Ludovica was doing her make up, it was raining. That thin rain, just as it was November. And at some point the sun broke through!

Then they had an amazing party at Le Quattro Pietre, in Castiglion Fibocchi (ever heard about their carnival?) with a huge cake and fireworks!

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