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Laura & Giampiero

  • Terranuova Bracciolini, 23.08.22

    Laura & Giampiero

Do you believe it is possible to tell a tale without showing the faces of the main characters?

Guess what, it is!

Laura and Giampiero got married in a hot August day. Their wedding was marked with so many children's smiles and toddlers running everywhere, also their beautiful kids, so the couple asked me to respect everyone's privacy and avoid posting on line any of the photos taken.

You can imagine that as a photographer, showing what I do means posting photos everywhere, but this kind of request has to be fulfilled without saying a word (moreover, you can be legally sued).

And why am I posting their photos? Because I made a selection. I chose photos with no people, except hands and the couple's back and, before posting, I asked for permission to Laura and Giampiero and here we are!

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