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Emanuela & Emanuele

  • Arezzo, 11.08.22

    Emanuela & Emanuele

Do you know what happens when you have a wedding? Anxiety rises just like the tide and I don't deny it, it is probably one of the engines that keep me focused for most of the day. When the groom is the person you speak to in first place and it is a colleague, oh well, performance anxiety runs even faster! But that's it, you get the job and perform at your best.

Emanuela and Emanuele, just like Michela and Michele a couple of years ago.

Emanuela is a fantastic painter, you should check her instagram account and maybe get some pebbles painted by her. Emanuele is a photographer and a teacher. On the day of their civil wedding, Emanuela was struggling with the folding fans that her mother forgot in the car, but, even though it was mid August and the sky was almost clear, it was windy and with a pleasant temperature.

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